ADS Inc Military Friendly


Is ADS Inc a Military Friendly Employer?

If you are looking for a new job in a company that hires former military personnel, you will want to know if the company you are going to interview with is actually military friendly. After all, while some companies may hire former military personnel, that does not always mean they are particularly military friendly.
One company that comes up in conversation about military friendly organizations is ADS Inc. That is because they are probably one of the most supportive companies when it comes to the military and to military personnel.
What does ADS Inc. do? -- They are a company that works with both the U.S. military and with Homeland Security.
They sell equipment and services that are pertinent to the military and to the defense of the United States as a whole.
They also work with the U.S. military and Homeland Security to come up with solutions to problems either organization may have been struggling with.
Military friendly ratings -- When you look at the ratings given to ADS Inc. by organization that assess whether a company is supportive of the U.S. military or not, the company's ratings are high.
ADS Inc. gets a rating of 'Exceeds Standard' when it comes to hiring, as well as for the type of opportunity and advancement that is available within the company for former military personnel. It is also rated very high for support and retention.
A high percentage of former military personnel -- If you also want to work for a company that hires a large percentage of its workers from the ranks of former military personnel, then ADS Inc Military Friendly could be that company as well.
This is because at least one third of their employees have served in the military in the past. So, if you work for them, you will be around people whose way of working is familiar to you.
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